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Oct 13, 2010

Loo With A View's Top 10 Favorite Toilet Designs

Whilst researching designs for our own toilet seat range, we came across many interesting toilet designs, some are not so practical but fun nevertheless . Here the top 10 that we came across:
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Number 10:

A contemporary design from an Ukraine architectural studio, B-2-B Architecture. The winner of a Russian bathroom design competition, it's design was apparently based on the water drop. It defiantly isn't a conventional lavatory.


Number 9:

This is for those fitness junkies out there. Designer Haikun Deng has created the toilet seat concept with a built in scales. So now you can watch the pounds drop off.



Number 8:

A toilet design that features a working fish tank. But before you dial RSPCA, it has 2 separate tanks, so don't think your fish are swimming around in your toilet water. It is both fresh and salt water compatible, but the designers don't recommend including live coral in your unique aquarium. All we can say is that we are glad fish have a three second memory.



Number 7:

Nothing beats comfort whilst doing your business.


Number 6:

Apart from multi-tasking whilst in comfort.


Number 5:

Fashions trends seem to go in circles, it happens when the younger generation stumble across a article of clothing of their parents, and see it with fresh eyes (and they don't realise why it went out of fashion in the first place.) This toilet design is like bringing flares back, with a pocket for your mobile phone. This old fashioned toilet has been placed in a contemporary environment, with the added feature of being able to flush. We wonder whether anyone gets nostalgic walking into this bathroom.


Number 4:

This bathroom design is well executed, but we feel for anyone who may be effected by stage fright. It defiantly would be a point of conversational back at the bar.


Number 3:

This nature inspired design caught our eye, and really adds visual interest to the bathroom. They bring a new meaning to the saying "Nature's calling."


Number 2:

This one appears to be designed for males, but we think it really was designed for frustrated females. This intelligent toilet uses an in-built sensor, and registers when someone uses the toilet. The toilet senses when that person has left, and automatically closes the lid, thus ending countless arguments about the toilet seat.


Number 1:

And our Number 1 toilet design is a highly functional complete toilet package that even has a remote. This toilet includes a bidet and hot air, both can be aimed and pressure controlled. It also automatically flushes once you have left. But don't worry, if the remotes batteries die before you get the chance to turn the bidet off, the designers have built extra controls in the actual toilet. But one of the best features, for those late-night dwellers, is the gentle underwater nightlight. Is this over the top? Yes, but we still want one.